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10 Reasons Arizona Is Seriously Underrated As A Tourist Destination

When it comes to travel, Arizona doesn’t always make the top of the list and that’s a shame. Sure, a few of our most popular areas tend to get some degree of national (and international) recognition but for the most part our state flies under the radar. Personally, I think Arizona should be among your top contenders for travel plans, even if you already live here! Here are a few reasons you should consider our beautiful state for your next vacation.

Okay, maybe I’m a little biased when it comes to traveling in Arizona but I have a hard time finding any place more diverse and beautiful! How do you think Arizona rates as a travel destination?

Not sure where to get started in traveling around the state? The best place to start may be our most well-known attraction: the Grand Canyon.

Monica Spencer
Monica is a Diné freelance writer and the Arizona staff writer for Only In Your State. She currently lives in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their herd of cats. You can reach her at