These 3 Time Lapse Videos Will Make You Fall In Love With Arizona Again

Do you remember when you first realized your love for Arizona? Growing up here, I had a mediocre relationship with the state as I think most young people do; it gets ridiculously hot, the political dynamics can be downright crazy, and there seems to be little in the way of opportunities for a new adult attempting to thrive. To someone getting their first taste of the world, it seemed dull and yet, for some reason, I stayed.

It wasn’t until my twenties when I began traveling out of state more frequently that I realized this land really is my home. And it’s always after a long trip away from home that we remember the little (and not so little) details we appreciate and love. Spending time in other states, I realized that I missed the heat and seeing the horizon each day and, especially, the vast openness of everything around me.

Here are a few short time-lapse videos that may, hopefully, jog your memory for when you first realized you loved this state.

Was it the stunning landscapes?

Lush, rugged, arid. You can stand just about anywhere in the state and see beautiful land.

The open night skies?

This was at Willow Springs Lake along the Mogollon Rim.

Or maybe the intense monsoon storms?

This was taken just three weeks ago but the one earlier this week was pretty crazy!

What inspired your love for Arizona?