This Rare Footage In The 1930s Shows Arizona Like You’ve Never Seen Before

There’s nothing quite as fascinating as seeing the world around you as your parents and grandparents did. I absolutely love looking through old photo albums in an attempt to immerse myself in a time before I was born. My family didn’t start recording videos until the 1990s so I can only imagine how much more alive their youth would seem to me in home movies.

My grandparents were children and young adults in the 1930s, a decade that seems so far away from today. And this video that I came across this week shows a brief glimpse of what our state looked like in that time period.

I thought this video was particularly enthralling as it shows our state’s many cultural facets as it details reasons to choose Arizona as a travel destination . Every part of the video – from the clothing styles to the cityscapes to our nearly unchanged landscapes – will transport you the past, much in the same way as family photos do.

So, what did you think of the video? I think it’s pretty amazing to see so many familiar sights from more than 80 years ago and how much has changed, or in some cases remain unchanged. Be sure to let us know your favorite part of the video and any memories you have of traveling through Arizona over the decades. And don’t forget to check out some of the channel’s other vintage travel videos!