Someone Flew A Drone High Above Arizona And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

Something I learned recently is that only 12 people have hiked the entire Grand Canyon, all 700-some miles from end to end. That’s the same number of people who have set foot on the moon! It’s astonishing but also shows that even in a landscape that is slowly succumbing to human progress, there are still places that few humans have ever set their eyes upon. Can you imagine the views those 12 people saw deep down in the canyon?

But what would it be like to see it from above? Sure, you can board a helicopter to fly over the canyon but those are noisy, pricey, and not quite the same as smoothly gliding around like a bird.

So why not save a few dollars by checking out a video that shows off the beautiful canyon from above? This one below is a stunning vision of the Grand Canyon from above: floating along like a bird, along the rim, and dipping over the edge. The video is also just three minutes long and looks incredible when you switch to full-screen view!


Wow, that was gorgeous! Can you imagine what it would be like to fly around other areas of the state? Are there any places you would want to explore from a bird’s perspective?

If you want to see another example of drone footage that shows off Arizona’s unique beauty, then you’ll want to take a look at this video taken along and near Apache Trail: What This Drone Footage Caught In Arizona Will Drop Your Jaw.