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Here Are The 10 Best Things You Can Do On A Day Trip To The Grand Canyon In Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a state and national treasure that deserves a multi-day stay to truly experience its beauty. Unfortunately, most of us are short on time so a day trip is a much more reasonable adventure. While you may not want to necessarily drive from, say, Tucson to the canyon and back in a day, planning a day trip from Flagstaff or other northern Arizona towns make this trip possible. Make the most of your precious time by choosing a couple of these experiences the next time you’re at the Grand Canyon.

What are some other activities you think are essential for a quick trip to the Grand Canyon? We’d love to hear your suggestions! If you want to check out more incredible things you can do in Arizona, we suggest reading The 9 Coolest Attractions In Arizona That Not Enough People Visit.

Monica Spencer
Monica is a Diné freelance writer and the Arizona staff writer for Only In Your State. She currently lives in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their herd of cats. You can reach her at