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11 Ways Arizona Is America’s Black Sheep…And We Love It That Way

If you were to select a few adjectives to describe Arizona, what would you choose? Beautiful? Majestic? Dusty? Weird? That last one might seem a little out of place but I disagree! Arizona can be one odd state, especially if you’re not from anywhere in the desert southwest. If you’re not convinced, here are just a few reasons our home state is a little odd and we’re fine with that.

What other attributes do you think makes Arizona the black sheep of the states? Let us know what you think!

Clearly, you’re reading this because you love Arizona. If you happen to miss it because you’re living elsewhere or you’re on one really long trip, then check out our article, 13 Things Everyone Who’s Moved Away From Arizona Has Thought At Least Once. You’ll find yourself relating to at least half of the list!

Monica Spencer
Monica is a Diné freelance writer and the Arizona staff writer for Only In Your State. She currently lives in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their herd of cats. You can reach her at