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These 18 Aerial Views In Arizona Will Leave You Mesmerized


For humans, the ability to see the world from a bird’s view is a recent one. Can you imagine what it was like as the first person to see a topographical view of the land that wasn’t from a mountain or a tree? People used to have to dream about flying but today plenty of options are available that will get you up in the air: planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and even the tops of buildings.

What views in Arizona would you want to see for yourself? With so many beautiful locations to choose from, here’s a small sample of the imagery you may see next time you take to the skies.

What other sights would you want to see from a bird’s view? Share them in the comments section below.

Monica Spencer
Monica is a Diné freelance writer and the Arizona staff writer for Only In Your State. She currently lives in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their herd of cats. You can reach her at