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This Tiny Village In Alaska May Be Completely Submerged In Just A Few Decades

It is quite possible that no other place in Alaska has experienced the effects of climate change quite like the village of Shishmaref. In this tight-knit community where locals live a simple life filled with subsistence-based practices, the thought of moving somewhere else is hard to swallow. However, with perseverance and a strong values, these brave people have pledged to stick together no matter what. Because that is what family does, through thick and thin.

You can’t fully experience the real, raw, rugged last frontier until you leave city limits. If you agree, you’ll probably love these 20 photos that prove rural Alaska is the best place to live in the state.

Living and loving life in Alaska, Courtney enjoys living a happy life based on simple principles; work hard, be kind, stay humble. She is an avid dog lover with hobbies that include running, fly fishing, hiking & snowboarding.