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The Death-Defying Story Of A Skier Surviving A 1000 Foot Fall In Alaska Is Amazing

Skiing big Alaskan terrain is no walk in the park, take it from the 26-year-old freeskier, Angel Collinson, who survived a 1,000-foot fall during a dangerous descent in the Neacola Mountains. You’ll be holding your breath as you watch her tumble faster and faster down the side of this steep Alaskan peak.

Luckily, Angel survives with only bumps, bruises, and a couple jammed fingers. She announced that yes, the fall was terrifying, but once she realized she was only gaining speed in her descent she covered her head and rode it out. I’d say this is almost more epic than the ski video she was making! Check out the footage caught by her crew below.

Isn’t this an incredible survival story?

Casea Peterson
Casea Peterson grew up archery hunting, fishing, and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest. Motivated by her love for the outdoors she moved to Alaska to attend school and to spend time exploring the last frontier. If she doesn’t have a pen in hand or her nose in a book, she can be found out on a lake or up in the woods around a fire with friends.