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Amazing Video Of Humpback Whales Feeding Off The Shores Of Alaska

A drone caught video of a large pod of Humpback Whales feeding off the shore of Prince William Sound in Alaska. This sighting is called bubble net fishing and it’s unique to the waters of Alaska.

The whales first circle together emitting a high-pitched sound that cause the fish to swim upward toward the surface. Once the fish are gathered together, the whales begin to create a wall of bubbles around the fish trapping them in the middle and taking turns feeding without the fish having any escape.

Check out this video to see it in action! At 2:42 in you get a great shot of the whales breaching to feed!

Casea Peterson
Casea Peterson grew up archery hunting, fishing, and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest. Motivated by her love for the outdoors she moved to Alaska to attend school and to spend time exploring the last frontier. If she doesn’t have a pen in hand or her nose in a book, she can be found out on a lake or up in the woods around a fire with friends.