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Here Are 20 Benefits Of Living In Alaska That We Shouldn’t Ever Take For Granted

The raw and rugged last frontier is certainly not for everyone, but we wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else in the world. We love our limitless backyard full of exploring potential, friendly four-legged neighbors, breathtaking scenery and incredible sense of humility felt throughout every single region. Every single day spent in the 49th state is truly a gift. We are sure that you’ll agree after reading these 20 benefits of living in Alaska that should never be taken for granted.

If you’re from Alaska or have ever lived here for any period of time, we know that you’ll relate to these 22 things that Alaskans miss terribly when they leave home. Be prepared for a big dose of nostalgia!

Living and loving life in Alaska, Courtney enjoys living a happy life based on simple principles; work hard, be kind, stay humble. She is appreciative everyday for the ability to live a subsistence based lifestyle thanks to the bounty of natural resources that Alaska has to offer. Her hobbies include running, fly fishing, hiking & snowboarding.