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The Epic Police Chase That Will Go Down In Alaskan History

The next time that your friends and family in the ‘lower 48’ ask you if there are bears running around wild in the city, just show them this incredible footage. Only in Alaska will you see something like this unfold right before your very eyes. On top of that, the way that the officer was able to follow the bear for so long and keep his every move in the line of sight is absolutely unreal. As one of the most memorable events of 2016, there is undeniably no way in the world that we will ever forget this epic high speed chase. Get ready to enjoy one of the best things you’ll ever see.

If you thought that was unreal, only in Alaska will you see something like this in your backyard. You’ll be amazed by that incredible moose fight right inside a quiet suburban neighborhood. Also, only in Alaska will you see something like this on a rafting trip down the river.

Living and loving life in Alaska, Courtney enjoys living a happy life based on simple principles; work hard, be kind, stay humble. She is an avid dog lover with hobbies that include running, fly fishing, hiking & snowboarding.