The Alabama Restaurant That Will Take You Back In Time

With such a variety of restaurants located throughout Alabama, the choice of where to eat can sometimes be daunting. Some restaurants may have great prices, but the food isn’t appetizing. Other restaurants may have a great environment, but the service isn’t up to par. There aren’t many restaurants that have all of these qualities. However, there are a few. One restaurant in particular that offers its customers great prices, amazing food and excellent service in a truly unique and fun environment is Huggin’ Molly’s. Anyone who’s ever eaten here will agree. To learn why Huggin’ Molly’s is truly unique and a definite must visit, read on.

Have you ever eaten at this 50s-inspired restaurant, or heard about the legend of Huggin’ Molly? If so, what are your thoughts? For more unique dining options in Alabama, check out this list.

Huggin’ Molly’s
129 Kirkland Street
Abbeville, AL 36310

For more information about Huggin’ Molly’s, check out their website.