There’s Something Incredible Hiding Inside This Alabama Nature Preserve

Many amazing parks are scattered throughout Alabama, but one in particular stands out among the rest. This amazing park is Orr Park, which is located in Montevallo, Alabama.

Orr Park isn’t just one of the most unique parks in Alabama. It’s also one of the most unique parks in the entire South. Orr Park is located along Shoal Creek, and its uniqueness comes from the amazing tree carvings created by local artist Tim Tingle.

Many of Orr Park’s cedar trees were either dying or had already died and instead of cutting them down, Mr. Tingle carved them into amazing works of art. Examples of his carvings include animals, storybook characters, whimsical faces, etc. Visitors can view these intricate carvings while strolling along the park’s walking trail (below).

Listed below are just a few of the many amazing tree carvings created by Mr. Tingle.

If you’ve never been to Orr Park, it’s definitely worth visiting. Tim Tingle’s tree carvings are amazing, and you’ll never see anything else quite like them.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit this incredible park, we’d love to hear all about it. Also, which of these carvings is your favorite? My favorite is the dragon. Such amazing detail!