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This Decaying Hospital In Alabama Is Legendary. One Look Inside Its Terrifying Interior, You’ll See Why.

Bryce Hospital has a rich history…but it’s also been neglected for a very, very long time.

These photos, posted on Instagram, show the decaying hospital’s interior.

#abandoned #abandonedplaces #brycehospital #beautifulfallafternoon #adventure @bwsommer

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The last part of our Bryce Tour! This was in the very last part of the wing where the most damage was done by nature. We weren’t allowed to walk past this door obviously but who would want to anyways?! Happy Halloween! ?? #brycehospital #happyhalloween

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#beautifulfallafternoon #brycehospital #adventure #abandoned #abandonedplaces @bwsommer

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#brycehospital #abandoned #abandonedplaces @bwsommer

A photo posted by Elizabeth DeRamus (@ederamusphoto) on

Old Bryce??? #haunted #mentalasylum #abandoned #brycehospital #ua #photography

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When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. ―Helen Keller

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Check out this video posted on YouTube by Decay is headed your way to see footage of the interior of one of the hospital’s buildings:

The abandoned hospital was sold in 2010, and the new owners have plans to renovate the property. Have you ever visited this abandoned hospital? Tell us about it!

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