These 16 Beautiful Alabama Sunsets Will Leave You In Awe

Nothing closes the day like a beautiful sunset. Sunsets truly do create beautiful paintings in the sky, and the unique thing about them is that no two are alike. Be sure to pay close attention the next time you see a beautiful sunset because you’ll never see another one exactly like it. Thanks to several VERY TALENTED photographers on Flickr, I was able to find many photos of beautiful sunsets and here are 16 of my favorites.

Thanks again to all of the following photographers for capturing these gorgeous sunsets: Mr Seb, Rex Hammock, The National Guard, Joseph Brooke, Wally Argus, Michael Toval, The Pug Father, George C. Slade, Michael McCarthy, Ken Ratcliff, Peter Dedina, Alby Headrick, Kim Schuster, Robert Couse-Baker and faungg’s photo. I would like to encourage you all to check out the amazing work of these great photographers.